Sunday, November 9, 2014

Through my lens - Great Indian Derby

Well bred race horses and high stakes.  Great Indian Derby is exhilarating! Held at Mahalaxmi race hourse, Mumbai (Feb 2014), it was my first experience at the Derby and betting!

The whose-who!

Grand entry

Grand Entry

Racing ahead

Battling for the high stakes!

Holding on

Leaping forward


Showing off the beauty!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Through my Lens - Saligao, Goa

Every Sunday I will attempt to post a photo blog titled 'through my lens'.  Hope guys enjoy the new feature.

A hamlet in North Goa, Saligaon is lush with coconut trees, paddy fields, antique furniture/ ware sellers and friendly locals.  It is now an upcoming place for apartment rentals if one wished to stay near the happening spots of North Goa, yet enjoy serenity and laid back atmosphere.  These photos were clicked on my trip to Goa in March where we had rented an apartment in Saligaon. 

A crisp March morning, view from out balcony

Our apartment in Saligaon

Miles of fields
And clear skies


Inside a Local temple complex
Temple surrounded by coconut trees

Cane furniture sellers

Artisan, hard at work

Lovely cane furniture
Wish I could own this white one!
Vintage windows
For the love of antique and/or reconstructed furniture
Antique furniture seller

Gorgeous turkish lamps

Restrored vase

Wrought iron

Adandoned bike

Saligao church

A village hut

Lovely balcony

Quirky Villa 42


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