Friday, April 11, 2008

Charming South Mumbai


It’d be clichéd’ to say that no other part of Mumbai matches up to the charm of South Mumbai, but sometimes clichés are plain truth, and hence cannot be dumped as being passé!

Truth is hard to see right?! But when someone helps, it makes it easier…so let me help you see the plain truth, the plain bliss, the plain charm of South Mumbai in flat two days!

Architectural marvels

To begin with, South Mumbai has some of the architectural marvels that I’m thankful for to all the invaders, apart from teaching Indians some unity! It’s brilliant how life revolves around these colonial pillars. Every emotion of Mumbaikar unfolds before the eyes of these age old monuments - the early morning hustle bustle at the marvelous Chatrapati Shivaji Terminus are Churchgate station, to the sprint by the Mumbai University, High court and Flora Fountain to reach the famous work districts like Nariman point, Fort and Colaba, to the leisurely and romantic escapes at Gateway of India and David Sassoon Library and each of the myriad emotions of human complexity.

Romantic retreat

Chill out at the cafes’ in Colaba or on Marine drive as you get high on coffee and conversation until the sun scorches bright. Then sit in the arms of the Arabian Sea on Marine Drive eating peanuts and watching the orange sun turn red, crimson until it fades from the horizon. Next, head to the majestic Gateway of India where in the night time the lover sun has given way to the calm of the moon and the monument glows in the love of the celestial bodies and some help from electrical lights. Walk hand in hand with your lover or giggle with your friends as you take leisurely walks around Regal circle, Museum and Flora Fountain after the office noises have died down. Catch a late night movie at Regal Cinema, Eros, Sterling, Metro or Inox or perhaps the more culturally scented plays and performances at NCPA, Kala Ghoda, or Asiatic Society if that’s closer to your taste.

Squeeze in the shopping and adventure

Get a good night sleep and shop till you drop at throw away prices in Colaba, Crowford Market and Fashion Street. Or if you’re a brand freak, you can juggle in and out of stores until you hands are full and pockets run dry. If you enjoy the waves, hire a ferry at gateway and go cave hunting to Elephanta caves. If that isn’t adventurous enough, fuel the adventurous streak further by trying out the range of water sports at H2O on Chowpatty. Also, be an audience and check out the sporting facilities at Wankhede Stadium, Brabourne stadium, the cricket madness at Cross Maidan, races and handsome horses at Mahalaxmi Race course and some tennising action at MSLTA in Cuffe Parade!


After the adventure leaves you hungry, try the street food at Chowpatty or the richness of the food at Crowford, especially if its Ramzan time. If you care for a drink or beats to grove too, Colaba pubs and discs in South Mumbai are just perfect! Not only can you meet new like minded people, but can also make contacts from across the globe! If you still have energy for a little more adventure, try out the BEST buses at the peak hours, or better still the Local trains where hanging and sticking your noses into armpits of others is the first of the grossiest, but funny thing you’ll encounter.

Want more...?

If you still want to soak up more of South Mumbai, then gang up with random stranger and ask them to show you around! What’s a better way to see the best part of Mumbai than from the eyes of a true SOBO? And once you’ve done all that I talked about up there, you’ll know why South Mumbai Rock and sets my day rolling!

P.S - Having lived in South Mumbai, nothing else feels right!

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