Monday, February 15, 2010

Gold Souk : All that glitters is GOLD

Souk in arabic means 'market'. Being an Indian i've been exposed to several forms of a market - malls, weekly bazaar, midnight markets, street shops, the quintessential bhaaji aka vegetable market, the smelly and noisy fish market, the crazy whosale markets of crawford and the like - but none compare to the 'souk' in Sharjaha, the GOLD SOUK!

My cousins live on Corniche' in Sharjah. The view from the balcony is stunning - especially the golden arches  across the water. That's the Souk for you; an architectural marvel and lovingly titled 'train building' for its close resemblance to the mode of transport of the masses!

 In the morning light the Souk building looks serene with the blue tiles adoring the curves of the other-wise creamy-colour structure. But when the sun sets, the structure lights up in a shade of yellow so fine, you'd mistake it for being gold-plated!

 We visited the Souk on a working day. It was nearly empty. We were in awe the structure, but our jaws literally dropped looking at the dazzle of gold, silver, platinum and precious gem jewelery!We window-shopped and then shopped some. I'd have enjoyed the shopping a little more had it not been for me, 4 years down the line! 

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