Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sudha Car Museum, Hyderabad

More alive than the inspiration itself, the plethora of cars on display would bring out the child in each one of us.

Operating out of a humble garage cum warehouse in old hyderabad, this wonderous museum is a favourite among the hyderabad city tour buses. A mere 10 mins from the famed zoo, yet when we asked localities for the direction to this museum, most were clueless. Such is the circle of modern living whereby we do not know our own neighbourhood!

Started by the owner Mr. Sudhakar, this museum is a true transformer of scrap to art. This museum houses an enviable collection of mini bikes, cycles, buses and cars in all possible shapes and sizes.

There are three display sheds. The first one boasts of cars, race car replica one man cycles, multiple people cycles etc. While the second and third epitomises whackiness. There are ultra small bikes, cycles, replica of london bus, rolls royce replica and cars inspired by all sorts of things - basketball, football, desktop pc, billiards table, flowers, bed, western style commode, brinjals, condom, camera etc. And if you thought that was "wow" wait until the new ladies range of cars- lipsticks, hand purse, heels get launched.

Mr. Sudharkar is also the proud title holder for the tallest Tri-cycle which stands tall in the parking lot of the museum in an envious shade of red. If you happen to be in Hyderabad during Republic day then be sure to see all of Sudharkar's crazy wheels in action at the spectacular necklace road at Husain Sagar lake. That is sure to prove that these funky mean machines dont just look good they also run well.

It is no surprise then that Sudhakars passion to turn junk into funk has an avid fan following. He even welcomes suggestions for car designs so if you have a fab idea, who knows he could build on it.

As a souvenir you could buy a dvd of his cars in action. Or you could meet the man himself and get a photo and even an autograph!

As an afterthought, when a persons name- Sudha-kar-ends with Car, then he was certainly born to embrace automobiles.

Check about the website of Sudha Car Museum to know more -

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