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Doze of History at the urban village of Hauz Khas Village

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Back in 2005 when I left the Capital for making a mark for myself in City of Dreams, I knew Hauz Khas as a quiet residential area.  On my re-visit to Delhi, Hauz Khas village (next to residential Hauz Khas I knew!) was bustling with designer boutiques, art stores, bars and cafes making it a distinctly hep place to hang out - a truly urban village!

Shailza and Anirban
However, we had other plans.  My friend Anirban (who I met in person for the first time) and his lovely wife Shailza (both very talented writers and photographers) weathered the Delhi heat on a Sunday morning to show me the historical side of this urban village, better known as Hauz Khas Complex!

The complex essentially comprises of a lake (supposedly a tank!), a Madrasa (Islamic institute for studies) and a tomb (of Feroz Shah who built the Madrasa).  The complex has a Board by the archaeological survey of India at the entrance.  The moment one enters the arched door, they are instantly transported to another era.

The stone structures

We walked around the complex taking in the sights - the ruins, couples deep in conversation, the tranquil lake - coupled with interesting conversations and photography!  Thereafter, we walked to the lake-side and park/ garden (they have nice walking trails, an enclosure for deer and peacocks, benches to relax and even a 
play area for kids!).

The Lake at Hauz Khas, and a glimpse of the ruin in the far right corner

The stone structures of Hauz Khas seem frozen in time.  The distinctly green lake lends to the magic.  The tall trees sway to the gentle breeze.  The birds are merry.  Everything around me mirrored and echoed the peace I feel in my mind and heart. 

Hauz Khas won me over; a rather perfect choice of place by my hosts. 

Indeed, it is hard to believe that a historic world could co-exist with the bustling urban village (where the party never ends!) beside it…..

Go here - if you like monuments, photography and a quite place to find yourself or to get to know someone better….

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ani said...

Hey Preetz lovely description ...Hauz Khas Village is indeed a place so near and yet so far from the madding crowd of of my favourite places to be with nature and history ....


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