Saturday, January 24, 2015

Chasing the sun at Angkor Wat

Let me be honest, Angkor Wat was the sole reason I came to Cambodia.  

The excitement of watching a magical sunrise at Angkor Wat kept me sleepless the previous night. 

Even my alarm was surprised to find me springing out of bed at 4:15 am!  

Patient crowd [One PlusOne]

I waited patiently among the crowd to watch the pitch-dark night turn into brilliant shades of pink, purple, orange and then fiery yellow against the silhouette of Angkor Wat. 

Orange laced clouds [Canon 550D]

Slowly colours peaked out of the, purple & orange

Through my lens [One PlusOne]

and then the dreadful clouds took over - yet it was magical!

As 'Orange' as it got [Canon 550D]

We waited some more, but even the sun refused to co-operate and the sky never turned a flaming orangish-red

That's the only sunrise we got! [Canon 550D]

But that's as good as the sunrise got for us!

HDR-ish [Canon 550D]

But I was satisfied.  It felt like the sun was rising only for me.  At that moment the crowds around me and the snap of their cameras ceased to exist.  It was just the sunrise, temple, me and my camera.

(PS - My DSLR tumbled in the water in the moat just as the sun was about to peak! Luckily, my One PlusOne came to my rescue!)

Panaroma Angkor [One PlusOne]

As I reminisce, I can’t decide which of the two was grander, Angkor Wat standing tall to welcome the sun or the water at the moat, eager to mirror its beauty!

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