Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Reason not to be “Hampi” High!

Located on the banks of Tungabhadra River in North Karnataka, Hampi group of Monuments is a UNESCO World Heritage site. It houses ruins of temple complexes from Vijayanagar Empire. Hampi also figures several times in Mythology (Ramayana). Wikipedia tells me that Hampi is the most searched historical place in Karnataka.

But hold on; you shouldn't visit Hampi, because…

…ruins of temple complexes are alive

Inside Virupaksha temple, the oldest of the temples in Hampi

…you feel like you’re in lost world!

Pushkarani, sacred kund/ water tanks near temple complex

…the Boulder strewn landscape is thrilling

Boulders at Virupapur Gaddi, while descending from Hanuman temple

…the sunset while boating at Sanapur lake is surreal

Corcale boat ride at Sanapur Lake

…the sunrise from Hanuman temple (Anjaneya hills) is humbling

At the break of dawn, Hanuman temple, Anjaneya hills

…chilling scenes at backpacker district of Virupapuragadde are addictive

Chilling scenes at Gopi Island - chilled beer, hookah, good music and global cuisine

…festivals celebrated here will leave you in awe

Virupaksha temple in all its glory

…360 degree view from Matanga Hills will make you dizzy

View of Virupaksha temple from Matanga Hills

…it will leave you “Hampi” high! 

Photos also by Neelam Rathod


Soumyendu said...

Beautiful views Preeti and the line of earthen lamps looks intriguing, mysterious. Good to see you climbed some hills too :)

Cmde Harshad Datar said...

Nice way of presenting ur views. Title is compelling and makes one read beyond. Good photos too

Vineeta Yashsavi said...

Lovely Pictures...


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