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SKIING EXTRAVAGANZA - Day 1 - 'Heading North'

Skiing Extravaganza
Solang valley (Manali)
(24 January 2006 to 12 February 2006)

This is a journal of the skiing camp that dad and me attanded in beginning of 2006, nearly two years back!

Day 1 – “Heading North”
(In the Train)
(24th January 2006, Tuesday)

We left home at 3:30 PM and reached Bombay Central at 4:15 PM. We were booked on Rajdhani which takes perhaps the shortest time and promises the most comfortable travel to New Delhi. At the station we met our co-skiers. Most of them were at least 10 years older than me! We checked our seats. Our (Tanya and me) were seat numbers 33 and 36 in compartment AS-1. Dad’s berth was in the royal AC first class compartment and he had an old man to share the cabin with.

Our fellow-passengers were a weird bunch. Most of them were nearing 40. We debated throughout the journey. The hot topics ranged from ‘the use of taking up NCC for getting admission into the desired college/job’ to the bizarre ‘why we bother locking our luggage even in a safe train like Rajdhani!’ (inspired by my act of locking my bags with a solid lock and a heavy chain) I wanted to back answer saying, ‘locking my luggage ensures I get a good night sleep. Further if my luggage gets stolen, will you guys who advocate the safety of Rajdhani own up and reimburse me for it?’, but my dad hinted me to not debate further and I’m glad I obliged.

Overall it was a comfortable journey- if it’s Rajdhani it better be so! I stayed awake till 9:30 PM which in itself is a mini-achievement for someone like me who dozes off as the train gains momentum. Dad was sitting in our compartment till I and Tanya tucked into our beds. He then resigned to his cabin to give company to the old man traveling with him.

Lights out!
Good night.

(PS: Didn’t sleep too well due to the nagging worry about the cash and luggage that I was to look after)

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