Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Harne- Murud - our stay at "Silver Sand, beach resort"

Silver Sand Beach Resort is the second most popular staying option in Murud after Kamath residency which has a tie-up with MTDC. Having stayed once at Kamath, my cousins booked a four-seater room at Silver sand Beach Resort which was closer to our kul-devat apart from having a nice beach access!!The choice was win-win as we discovered later.

The rooms at Silver Sand are built around in a circular shape, a good distance away from each other for maximum privacy and different views.

 There is an open-restaurant and the lounging area viz. reclining chairs, beach umbrellas, hammocks, lounge chairs over-looking the beach!

The thicket of coconut trees shades the resort beautifully hence easing souls like us of the already-blazing March sun! 
All the rooms at Silver Sand were named after flowers. Ours was called Jaswand and it was Pink on the outside and inside! The room was tidy and not necessarily clean. The room was huge and had four full-size beds and a decent bathroom. The ventilation was a problem apart from the mosquitoes. But over-all for Rs. 1000-1200/day, it was a nice bargain.

 At Silver Sand hospitality is priority. Despite of being low on staff due to the long holi-weekend, our welcome drink was served in record time and every meal was made to order to pamperour taste buds. Thee food was typically konkani, yet delicious! We hogged on kanda(onion) and batata(potatao) bhajis, prwans fry, fish curries, sol kadi and lots of kokan sherbet!! We truly stuck by "When in Konkan, eat as the lonkani's do!!" The only small hitch was that we did not get to taste "Komdi wade", the quinteesntial non-vegetarian delicay due to lack of kitchen staff!

Overall, Silver Sands is a chilled out place to be. The food is good, the prices are decent. The staff is accomodating and helpful when it comes to local sight-seeing.

The set-up reminded me of a small beach village where life floats by...in bliss. There isn't much to do here, and that is the beauty of this place! (Coming from someone(me) who loves to jam-pack her itinerary, be assured that this place is truly a lazy-bums bliss!)

(5 being highest and 1 being lowest)
Room: 3.5/5
Tariffs: 4/5
Food: 4/5
Hospitality: 4/5

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