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Sula Vineyard - Day trip from mumbai

Wine, they say, should be aged to perfection, because only a perfect wine teases, tingles and lingers on…

Introduced in India by the elite, popularity of wine is growing by the day.  Wine not only is a respectable drink (if there is really a drink like that!), but also a perfect accompaniment to and a versatile ingredient for food.

When I hear the word wine, the mascot of Sula Vineyard – the smiling sun – immediately comes to my mind.  Incidentally, Sula was the first wine I actually tasted and liked (Goa, port wine anyone? :/ ) and hence, a visit to Sula Vineyard was always on the cards.

A week after the annual Sula wine fest (a big party full of celebrities, games, music and wine!), somewhere in February, we drove for nearly 4 hours and 170 kms later were greeted by the grape creepers and sloppy-roofed white building complex of Sula Vineyard. 

The Vineyard has many attractions for a wine lover, a curious tourist and someone looking to get away from city-life.  It boosts of a tasting room, coffee shop, souvenir shop, amphitheatre, restaurants (Little Italy and Soma), vineyards and winery!  What makes the vineyard charming is the décor, the seating and the array of flowers overlooking the vineyard, view of the tranquil lake and the mountains that frame the vineyard.  A picture perfect sight indeed!

After the long drive, we freshened up and headed upstairs in the main complex to read the history of wine and Sula, followed up by coffee and light snacks (complimentary pastry was a little stale!). 


At Sula, you can choose between two wine tasting sessions - 4 wines or 6 wines.  We felt indulgent and opted for the latter. 

We made good use of 45 minutes that we had to spare before our 1 pm vineyard tour began.  Luckily for us, great Spanish numbers were playing in the café and my friends and I broke into an impromptu jig (cross between salsa and ballroom) which was much appreciated by some-shocked and some-amused Sula visitors.  

With still more time to kill, we did our mandatory photo session (yes, we love to pose!), made friends with two old charming ladies who took a detour to experience Sula and took some more pictures!

At 1 pm, we all assembled (like school kids!) near the grape-stomping area to hear what our guide for Vineyard-tour had to say.  After being acquainted with history of Sula and basic wine types (red, white, desert? :S) we uncovered the mystery behind wine-making including step-by-step process, brief about the equipment used, type of grapes, maturity process- and ended up in a room that stored barrels and barrels of wine.


Post the half hour vineyard tour, I knew that Sula grew their grapes at Nasik and Dindori estate, I knew the basic of technique that adds colour to wine to make it red/ pink, maturity process, how wood used for barrel lends flavour to wine and a lot more than my mind could process. 

After the gyaan, we headed to the small wine tasting room (more like a bar), over-looking the sprawling vineyard and the distant lake.  We waited patiently for the friendly staff at Sula to bring out their fare (err….wine!) and clean glasses to begin our wine tasting session. 

Our anticipating bubbled out of our glasses as our guide began the session with two sparkly wines (Normal and Rose sparlking wine).  We clinked our glasses, chirped out ‘cheers’ and savoured the sparkly wines in small sips as we sought answers from the guide for our questions.  Next to tickle our senses were the Dindori reserve chiraz – spicy and fruity variant, followed by two white wines (unfortunately no chenin blanc/ desert wine to sample in the wine-tasting!).  

The wine-tasting session not only was a learning experience in terms of how wine is to be enjoyed but also a sample of quaint art of wine appreciation/ evaluation.  Inspired by the opulence of Sula wine, we all shopped for our own favorite wine to take back home.

It was already 3 pm and a remedy for relentless sun and hunger pangs was to unwind over wine and food at Little Italy (all vegetarian restaurant, though I would have preferred the non-veg serving Soma!).  The décor of little Italy was in sync with the theme at Sula  – Medietrranean vibe, walls decorated with empty wine bottles,  small tables made of discarded barrels and the choiciest selection of Sula wine to accompany our Italian lunch. 

After much disagreement over what to order, we settled for a white sparkly wine (unanimous choice) to go with our pesto pasta, pasta in red sauce, special pizza and garlic bread.  The food was both good and comforting, while the wine gratified our souls.  However, the desserts (brownie with ice cream and Tiramisu) were disappointing, yet not disappointing enough to dampen out enthusiasm of visiting the smaller York Vineyard (15-minute walk from Sula – close to the lake!).

Overall, Sula is worth a visit and I may even re-visit this place during wine fest next year :)


Sula know how:

Winery open from 11 am to 10/ 11 pm
Tasting room and wine tasting sessions held between 11.30 am to 5.30 pm
Wine tasting session INR 150 for 4 wines/ INR 250 for 6 per person (incl tour of Vineyard)
Wine stomping – INR 350 per person
Staying options – Beyond, Sula’s wineyard resort (supposedly expensive and we did not get a chance to see it!)
Restaurants – Little Italy and Soma (non-veg)
Wine and souvenirs can be purchased at the coffee shop!


nitya said...

Hey Preetu.. Looks you and your friends had a ball in your trip to Sula vineyards. Brilliant travel account with some great pictures. Keep up the passionate blogging. the list here should be useful for travel lovers like you.
Keep travelling.

Rajvi Bhow @ Straight talk said...

I really liked your review. I too went to sula a couple of months back. here's my review on it:


Unknown said...

Great post! Which is your favourite Sula wine? I'm a huge fan of their Merlot. I wrote about my recent weekend getaway to the Sula Vineyards here: http://shradhabhatia.com/2014/08/travel-diaries-sula-vineyards/

Do have a look and drop a comment with your thoughts! Keep up the great work xo Shradha

Pooja Mahimkar said...

Planning a visit tomorrow, was doing some research, the post really helped.

Preeti Datar said...

I'm glad I could help. Have a great trip to Sula :)


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